How to Bethbake

You might be interested in the process by which I bake a cake. Obviously some of the basics are obvious enough, but this illustrates what a careful, painstaking process it is to produce a cake good enough for any important occasion!

Soak the fruit

Line the tin with greaseproof paper

Wrap the tin in newspaper

This helps prevent the outside from scorching before the centre is cooked.

Make the cake mix...

according to the required recipe (in this case, a rich fruit cake)

Pour the mixture into the tin and level

Bake the cake

Not as simple as it looks...

When cold, wrap the finished cake in foil

and leave to mature – you can feed it with alcohol every 2 weeks if you like a boozy cake

Fill holes

Place on a marzipan base, fill any holes with marzipan

Carefully complete the marzipan casing

Cover the cake board with a layer of icing

Repeat for each tier of the cake, and decorate

Decorate as required

The Wedding

Enjoy the smiles of happy customers!