Flavour of the month……great flavour combinations for your big day

So many couples ask me – “What flavour cake can we have?” and I always say – “whatever you like!”

A lot of bakers have a set menu of cake flavours that you can choose from, but not me! I love trying out new recepies and ideas, new flavour combo’s so I am more than happy to bake your favourite cake for your big day. Having said that, there are some eternally popular flavours such as:

Chocolate Fudge

A super moist, deeply chocolatey sponge, usually with a milk chocolate buttercream filling, but you can easily change this to a dark chocolate buttercream or maybe even a salted caramel filling! Always popular, most couples have a tier of this.

Vanilla Bean

Again, super popular, made with real vanilla pods, most often filled with vanilla buttercream and strawberry preserve, but you can have any jam that you like – why not go for something more unusual like rhubarb, fig or blackberry?

Salted Caramel

Increasingly popular, this sponge is made with fairtrade brown sugar which gives a wonderful caramel depth to the sponge, filled with a salted caramel buttercream, a layer of caramel and a few flakes of Anglesey sea salt

Lemon Drizzle

Now, my lemon drizzle is full on lemon, loads of lovely zest in the sponge, which is then soaked with lemon syrup, then filled with a lemon buttercream and some sharp, zingy lemon curd………did I mention the lemons??

Sticky toffee

Getting more and more requests for this one! Super moist sponge made with Medjool dates and fairtrade muscovado sugar, filled with a buttercream made with unrefined icing sugar and a layer of toffee sauce – YUM!

Well, I hope that’s given you some food for thought!! Why not get in touch today to see what amazing flavour combinations we can create for your big day??

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