Savour Every Bite: How Not to Waste Your Wedding Cake

“Go big or go home!”   Isn’t that what they say?? A wedding cake will probably be the biggest cake you’ll ever buy, so think carefully about the options.

The wedding cake plays a significant role on the big day, you want it to have the WOW factor when guests walk in the room, and everyone has that “cake cutting” photo. However, it’s all too common for leftover cake to go to waste after the big day. In this blog, we’ll explore creative ways to ensure that your beautiful wedding cake doesn’t go to waste, so you can savour every sweet moment long after the last guest has departed.

Opt for a smaller size

The first step in preventing cake waste is to carefully consider the size of your wedding cake. Speak with your baker about your guest count and choose a cake size that is appropriate. A smaller cake can be just as elegant and impressive when designed with precision.

Cut the cake early!

I go to no end of weddings (as a supplier not a guest 😉) and there’s often a schedule of events……..2pm ceremony, 3pm something fizzy, 4pm food………..I’ve seen cake cutting and first dance as late as 8.45pm – frankly, not many people are going to eat cake that late, they are either full, too busy dancing or simply don’t notice that it’s been cut up and put on platters in the corner of a room! Cut your cake early on in the day, and consider serving it a dessert with maybe some fresh berries, this works particularly well if you’re having food such as grazing platters or street food like wood fired pizzas etc.

Fake tiers

A fake tier can add that extra layer to your cake…….but without the cake! Be aware that fake layers can cost a similar amount as real cake, depending on the style of decoration involved

Save the top tier

Traditionally, couples saved the top tier of their wedding cake for their first anniversary or babies christening. This was usually with an iced fruit cake. Now, many couples choose different flavoured sponges for their cakes, so you would absolutely need to freeze this – check that you will have enough space in your freezer! . Be sure to wrap it tightly to prevent freezer burn and store in a lidded Tupperware for best results. Some of my couples order a cake specifically planning to do this and keep the top tier for themselves. This is wise, as a lot of the time so many couples get so swept up in the madness of their wedding day, that they don’t actually get a slice of the cake themselves at all