Wedding favours

On your list of things to do for your wedding, you may have “organise wedding favours” – ever wondered why they are a part of your big day? Why they are given? What should you give?

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The tradition of giving a small gift to all wedding guest goes back for many centuries. A small gift from a newly married couple was believed to bring good luck. Depending on the country and social class the newly weds would give their guests handmade trinkets, a candle and other small tokens of good fortune. The earliest account of a wedding favour in the UK dates back to the 16th century: to represent a couple’s love bond, each of the guests would be given love knots made of lace and ribbon.

Sugar was an expensive ingredient and thought to have medicinal properties. From the 17th century, wedding favours given by French aristocracy took the forms of sugar lumps presented in a box made of gold, porcelain or crystal, and decorated with gemstones. It was often called bomboniere or Bonbonnière.

With the gradual increase of sugar’s availability and the reduction in its price, aspiring middle classes enthusiastically embraced the trend of sweet wedding favours until eventually it became the norm.

Nowadays couples tend to choose wedding favours that complement their individual wedding theme or decoration.

You can personalise them in many ways, custom stamps, stickers, ribbon can all be used to create a special memento of your big day.

Just as in the beginnings of the tradition, confectionary wrapped in beautiful packaging is still the most popular choice, however you can have whatever you like – it’s your big day!!  Packets of seeds are an inexpensive favour and these days many charities benefit from a donation in lieu of favours.

A great tip for wedding favours is to make them multipurpose – place name cookies or little boxes of macaron with a name tag are a great way to combine the two!!

Do we have to have them?? Absolutely not! If you choose not to have them, probably half your guests won’t even notice!! But if you do, edible/consumable ones are a good way to go

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