What’s that cake called? My quick guide to different types

There are quite a few different types of finish that you can have for your wedding cake, and if your world doesn’t revolve around cake (like mine does!) all the different terminology can be a bit confusing, so here’s my quick guide to help you choose the perfect style for your big day:

The Naked Cake:

Literally just freshly baked sponge, with a filling, and generally decorated with fresh fruit and edible flowers – please always check that any fresh florals you might wish to use are fully edible!!!

The Semi Naked Cake:

Filled sponge with a very thin coating of either buttercream or ganache, so the cake can still be seen in parts. – (“Ganache” – another good word, is made from chocolate and cream, buttercream is made from butter and icing sugar)

The Fully Buttercreamed Cake:

Cake has a thicker layer of buttercream so no cake can be seen.

This style and the two above work really well in more rustic settings, although do consider the temperature your venue might get to – I’ve been in many a blisteringly hot marquee on a summers day!!

The Fully Ganached Cake:

Seeing this trend more and more, a layer of ganache with no cake showing through, more stable than buttercream, will stand slightly warmer temperatures, also looks great with dark chocolate and a touch of gold leaf!

The Fondant Covered Cake:

Often called sugarpaste or rolled icing, can easily be coloured and is a great base for stencilling or adding other textures such as ruffles, or perfect for a classic white cake, a colour not easily achieved with buttercream or ganache as they will have a creamy yellow hue.

So, now you can see all the different types of cakes availaible – why not get in touch today to see what I could create for you??

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